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No one single person knows everything about backpacking so it’s important to learn from as many people as you can. Listed below are links to various people, channels, and blogs that continually pump out quality information and are reliable sources of backpacking knowledge.

Dialed In Hunter

Dialed In Hunter

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Josh Kirchner over the past few years. He’s an excellent writer and is passionate about helping others learn from his experiences. Josh lives in the Phoenix, AZ area and is a backpack hunter so he offers a unique perspective on backpacking in his area of the world.

Darwin On The Trail

Darwin On The Trail

I’ve never met him, but I’ve watched his YouTube channel grow like crazy and it’s because he continually pumps out some great content that’s easy to understand. Even if you’re not into Thru Hiking, you can still learn a lot from Darwin.

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Exo Mountain Gear

Exo Mountain Gear is a personal favorite of mine. Not only do they make great packs for hunting, but their podcast is second to none and their blog is packed full of great information about backcountry hunting and backpacking. What sets these guys apart is how intentional they are with their customers and their willingness to help you.


Valley To Peak Nutrition

Kyle Kamp is a registered and licensed Dietitian who can help you make the most of your backcountry performance. He offers nutrition plans, meal planning, nutrition analysis, medical nutrition therapy, and consulting. Yeah…you can say it’s basically a one stop shop if you’re looking for some help with performance planning.

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Ultralight Gear Outfitter

2 Foot Adventures is a mobile gear shop that supports PCT hikers throughout the summer. They’ve retrofitted a few classic Airstream style trailers to be an all in one gear shop for your backpacking needs. As the hikers move north, so do the shops.

In addition to carefully selected gear, 2 Foot Adventures also keeps track of trail conditions along the PCT for hikers looking for information. Gear, blogs, trail info, and top notch service by some passionate people.