I’ve been there. Dreaming of an adventure in the wilderness yet never taking a single step down that trail because of all the unknowns or self doubt that exist between you and what you want. No matter what you do to suppress it, that urge for adventure isn’t ever going away. It’ll only grow more intense with each passing year until you have no choice but to dive in head first.

Starting is the hardest part, and we all start somewhere. The most experienced backpacker in the world never knew a single thing about it when they started, but they kept at it, learned, and with each passing trip got better and better.

You can backpack

Big, small, young or old, you can backpack. Don’t think for a minute you don’t have what it takes because I’ve seen some things over the years that will completely shatter the mold of what a “backpacker” ought to be.

There isn’t one single definition of what a backpacker is. It’s up to you to decide and mold it to your preferences and your personal style.

That’s why By Land was created; to help you find success in the backcountry no matter what it is you like to do out there.


By land: the reason why

By Land was created to help you get better at backpacking. It began as a personal blog detailing my journey into backpacking and has grown into a Podcast, YouTube channel, and soon to be many other things all focused on outdoor education.

Unlike a lot of other online platforms, By Land bridges the social gaps that currently exist in the outdoor industry and culture. We talk deer hunting, elk hunting, fly fishing, thru hiking, and weekend adventures all in the same place. Why? We aren’t just one thing and one thing only, we’re all of those things.

Regardless of where you come from, the activities you enjoy, or what you believe in, it’s a love of the backcountry and wild places that connect us and bridge those social gaps. For those who are willing to be vulnerable, push through mental and physical barriers, and be honest with themselves about it, the backcountry will become far more than a place to visit. It will become a place for self reflection and self improvement.

All the wilderness requires of you is an open mind and a willingness to learn.