Backpacking Made Easy!

Backpacking might sound complicated, hard, or only for wilderness experts, but the truth is it's not at all any of those things.  It's actually one of the most simple outdoor activities you can do.  

With a little knowledge, good judgment, and a bit of confidence, you'll experience some incredible places that you never even knew existed. 


By Land was created to help you how to backpack, help you improve your outdoor skills, and to share in the adventure of it all.  This is a place where people of all skill levels can come to learn. There's not always a right or wrong way to do things and as you'll soon learn, trying out new things is all part of the fun!  

As you read these articles and listen to these podcast episodes, you'll begin to gain confidence in the outdoors and before you know it you'll be off on a grand adventure in no time!  

By Land is here to help you take those first steps into the wild and will be there to make them better and better each time you go.

My Struggle with Backpacking

I know all too well what it's like to crave an adventure in the backcountry while at the same time fearing the unknown. That fear locked me up inside, forced me to stay home, and as each summer passed, would haunt me to the point of personal disappointment and even embarrassment.  I wanted to go backpacking, chase the mountains, and hike as long as I could, but I simply didn't know where to start.

My lack of knowledge was crippling until One day I finally had enough of sitting around and decided to find out for myself how it all worked.  After just a few years, many mistakes, and even moments of thinking I'd never backpack ever again, I've found myself in a place where backpacking is now second nature and something I can't live without.  You now get to learn from my mistakes.

We tend to overcomplicate things and backpacking is no exception.  What I've learned over the years is that backpacking is actually as simple of an activity as can be and with each blog post and podcast episode, I'm going to show you just how simple it can be.

Yeah Right...Show Me



In the years since I started By Land, I've helped both close friends and strangers from all over the world reach their goals of backpacking.  I've simplified the process for them, removed all the outdoor store confusion, and showed them how to enjoy themselves when miles from the nearest road.  

I've personally pushed myself further both mentally and physically.  I've hunted elk miles from the nearest road, hiked over 2000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, and learned that backpacking is truly a gift.

Now What?

My name is Emory and I know from personal experience what it takes to backpack hunt, Thru Hike, and just relax for a weekend in the mountains.

Regardless of your experience level, I'm here to help you and I know I can make your time in the backcountry better each and every time you head out.

I'll be here for you through it all.  I'll be a source of confidence, encouragement, and hopefully a laugh or two.

Please join me in creating a community of those who love backpacking!  

By Land,

Emory R. Wanger