In the sections and links below, you'll find suggested gear that I either have personal experience with or know will serve you well on your adventures based on my conversations with experience backpackers who use this gear.  

As gear changes, the lists will be updates and adapted.  Check back often!

Beginner Backpacking Resource


Everyone has to start somewhere.  If you're just now getting into backpacking, it's important to bring things with you that are comfortable, reliable, and that make you want to return to the mountains after your trip is over.  This list of resources is a great starting point from which to build upon as you progress in your backpacking journey

Lightweight Backpacking Resource


Going ultralight is not for everyone and that's perfectly okay.  Ultralight backpacking requires you to give up certain comfort items in order to keep that pack weight down.  For those like like to move fast, cover miles, and desire to live simply, check out this resource page.

Backpack Hunting Resource

Sleeping Bags and Pads

Backpack hunting can be a different beast.  It requires you to think differently about where you're going, what you're doing, and ultimately how you're going to get your harvest out of the backcountry.  For the most part, you'll be taking many of the same things with you that you would if you were just backpacking, but there are some differences.  This resource page shows will help guide you to building your backpack hunting kit.

Thru Hiking Resource

Footwear and Clothing

So you're ready to hike thousands of miles?  Sweet!  It's really time to get serious about what you need and what you don't need.  This resource page will help you sort through those decisions and with any luck, help you reach that final terminus without too much trouble.


Water Treatment