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Thank you for taking an interest in writing for the site! Please take a minute to read through the mission of By Land so you can decide if it fits your personal mission as well.


By Land wasn’t created to reach millions, but rather to reach one person. If just one person can take something away from what is produced by this website, podcast, and YouTube channel, that puts them on a new trajectory going forward, then the mission is met. This can be done through a gear review, a personal blog post, an educational article, or an interview with a guest. We all have our personal barriers and By Land was built to help break those down for people.

ONE person. That’s all. Change their life, change their thought process in a positive way, enhance their experience, and give them confidence and you’ll change the life of far more than ONE because they’ll no doubt impact the lives of others around them.

By Land is does this through the medium of backpacking. For the time being, this is what the focus is.


None of the work here can be done with out the following values.

Honesty and Transparency

It’s no good if you can’t be honest about your experiences and tell the honest truth.

Building Bridges Across Outdoor Communities

We all have something in common; a love of the outdoors. No matter where you come from or what you do, we are all on the same team and the only way we can understand each other is by listening and hearing each other out.


Without integrity you have nothing. It is the foundation of decision making in the field and your daily life. Do the right thing at all times and be willing to admit when you’ve made a mistake.

If the above values and mission align with you and you’re still interested in writing an article for By Land, please use the form below to submit your idea and a little about yourself. 

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