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Episode 68 Why Junk Food Works with Kyle Kamp, RDN, LD

Kyle Kamp is a Registered Dietitian who has a big passion for the outdoors.  On this episode, we dive into why a "junk food" diet in the mountains works and what actually happens to the body when it's in performance mode.

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Episode 43 Finding Your Limits With Dan Solsman

This episode is all about finding your limits and pushing through.  Dan Solsman recently went through a defining experience where he was forced to dig deep and this is a chat about what it meant to come out on the other side.

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Episode 42 Documenting The Hunt With Steven Drake

Steven Drake makes his living documenting the world of hunting with his camera.  His talents have taken him all over the world and in through some pretty extreme environments.  Steven joins me on this episode to walk me through how he approaches his work.

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