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Episode 62 Thru Riding with Gillian Larson

Gillian Larson is a Thru Rider. She's ridden her horse more than 9000 miles along the PCT, CDT, Arizona Trail, and many others. We talk about what Thru Riding is, how it works, and what is different for her and her horses on these long trails.

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Episode 58 Saved By Mountains with Jeff Oliver

In 2013, Jeff "IBTAT" Oliver quit drinking and began hiking.  In 2018 he completed the AT.  He now has his sights set on the PCT in 2019 and when complete, will be only one trail away from completing the Triple Crown.  This is his story.

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Episode 46 Running 500 Miles in 10 Days with Christof Teuscher

Christof Teuscher is the new FKT holder of the WA section of the PCT.  We chat what it means to run 500 miles in just 10 days, how it works, and where this all began personally.  Lots of great wisdom on how to push those personal limits!

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