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Episode 86 6 Overrated Training Methods with Rowan Smith

Rowan Smith is a Personal Trainer specializing in helping backcountry trekkers meet their goals. On this episode, we cover what he considers 6 overrated training methods aimed at backcountry adventurers.f

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Episode 82 Thru Hiking, Happiness, and Taking Action with Dylan Tonkin

Dylan Tonkin quit his job to Thru Hike the Appalachian Trail not knowing what he'd do afterwards. He went on to hike the PCT and is now a business owner. On this episode, we discuss the importance of finding happiness and what it's like finding it.

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Episode 71 The Te Araroa Trail and The Hike For Mental Health with Justin Helmkamp

Justin Helmkamp is a long distance hiker who, when not hiking, spends his time with teenagers and young adults in Wilderness Therapy.  We cover his recent hike of the Te Araora and explore how the wilderness can promote a healthy mind.

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