Episode 89 Managing Backcountry Data with Jeff Balch of Basemap

Jeff Balch is the founder and creator of the mobile navigation app “Basemap.” If you’re familiar with using your phone as a GPS, then you know how it works, but are you using it to its full extent?

On this episode Jeff explains how Basemap came about, how it differs from other applications on the market, but more importantly he runs me though HOW he uses this thing he’s created.

Understanding HOW Jeff uses his application allows us to understand why it was built and how best to use it for our own purposes. This episode is loaded with great bits of information and I for one will be implementing a lot of what Jeff talks about.


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • What tipped Jeff in the direction of creating Basemap

  • GPS accuracy of mobile devices

  • Building trust with your navigational device

  • Jeff’s life before Basemap

  • Learning to build maps

  • What Jeff wanted in an navigational app that he wasn’t able to get on the market

  • Using the app as a journal/log

  • How Jeff uses manages his field data

  • Data Jeff records and color coordinates his data

  • 3D features

  • Features inside Basemap that make it different

  • Who Basemap is for

  • Transferring data from other applications

  • Supported mobile devices

  • Pricing Structure

  • How to followup with Basemap