Episode 88 Fly Fishing The Backcountry with Tenkara USA

Daniel Galhardo discovered the Japanese method of fly fishing called “Tenkara” while researching the fishing culture of Japan. After realizing how effective it was not only for fishing but for backpacking and backcountry travel, he decided to Introduce Tenkara to the United States and has been successfully doing so for over 10 years.

I wanted to have Daniel on to talk about fly fishing in the backcountry, but I ended up getting so much more than that. He has an incredible way of explaining things and is willing to dive into topics that create the foundation of our experiences in the backcountry. You don’t have to be interested in fly fishing to enjoy this episode because there’s so much great thought that Daniel brings to this episode that we could probably have a full length one just on backcountry philosophy.

For those interested in experiencing the backcountry in a new way, you’re going to enjoy this episode with Daniel of Tenkara USA!


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Show Notes

  • Introduction to Daniel and Tenkara USA

  • How Daniel found the the Tenkara method

  • What it’s like bringing Tenkara to the US

  • The effectiveness of the simple Tenkara design

  • What makes traditional fly fishing rods cumbersome for backcountry travel

  • How the Tenkara design works

  • “Limitations” of the Tenkara (and gear in general)

  • How embracing limitations can help us

  • How Daniel learned to embrace simplicity

  • How to help people find their excuse to get outside

  • New backcountry hobbies equal new places to explore

  • How to find fish

  • What makes Daniel return to streams to fish

  • Exploring the question of “why”

  • How Daniel decides to keep fish and when to release them

  • Advice for choosing a Tenkara USA rod

  • How to reach Tenkara USA