Episode 85 Back to Film with Nick Reichard

Nick Reichard is a talented photographer and accomplished Thru Hiker. He’s hiked the AT, PCT, and part of the CDT all while toting around some form of film camera. Yes…film. You know that old trick where you had to take a shot and hope it turned out? Well, Nick found out, film is incredibly powerful and worth not only the patience, but the wait as well.

This episode dives into Nick’s background, how he first started Thru Hiking, why he decided to haul a film camera with him, what it’s like after being on trails, and projects he’s currently working on.

Nick is a great guy and I think you’ll really enjoy this episode!


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Backstory on Nick, hiking, and film photography

  • How Nick decided to hike the AT

  • Experiencing the AT as a new hiker

  • How to choose your shot with film

  • How shooting film changes perspective and approach

  • Planning the PCT hike: cameras and film

  • Sifting through the noise of camera and lens choices

  • Challenging yourself by setting limitations

  • Dealing with time away from the trail

  • What benefits a long trail can provide

  • Thoughts on hiking with family and loved ones

  • Projects Nick is working on

  • Thoughts on storytelling

  • On getting “likes”

  • How to followup with Nick and his work