Episode 84 Trail Name Legend

Jeff Garmire has logged 21 thousand miles and counting at the time of this episode being aired. Funny thing is, you wouldn’t really know it because he doesn’t exactly care to shout it from the rooftops. Rather, he goes about his business by chasing his passion, learning, and trying new things.

On trail, Jeff goes by “Legend.” As such, I figured it would be beneficial to pick the brain of someone who has hiked so many miles, completed a Calendar Year Triple Crown, attempted and completed the FKT of the Arizona Trail, and countless other endeavors. You don’t have to want to follow in Jeff’s footsteps in order to learn something from him. What Jeff knows can apply to literally any backpacking trip, big or small, that you will ever do. We cover everything from his early days, to how he deals with the mental struggles of the trail, speed versus efficiency, and his latest AZ Trail adventure. You name it, we cover it and Jeff does so in a way that isn’t intimidating or hard to follow.

This episode is no doubt packed full of great talking points!




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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Jeff remembers Tyler Lau from when he was attemping his own Calendar Triple Crown

  • Connecting with others on trail

  • Where and how   Jeff’s backpacking story began

  • What the PCT culture  was like when Jeff started

  • Jeff’s first PCT experience and how it compares to today

  • Deciding to hike again

  • Hiking the PNW Trail

  • Deciding to attempt an FKT

  • Mental vs. Physical

  • Techniques for staying mentally sharp

  • Planning out the AZ Trail FKT

  • Learning what your body is capable

  • Learning to hike big miles

  • Efficiency versus speed

  • Walking techniques

  • Hiking and being inside your head

  • Dealing with the mental redline

  • Thoughts on what a “backpacker” is and what it means to backpack

  • How to follow up with Jeff