Episode 78 Backcountry Self Care with Rawlogy

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had something with you on trail that could alleviate pain or avoid it altogether without having to haul a heavy massage tool around with you or asking a friend to help “roll you out?” I have…a lot. Ever since I hiked that long trail, I have been looking for something to toss in my pack that won’t take up space or add weight.

Thanks to the internet gods, I found Marek from Rawlogy and reached out for an interview.

Marek is the founder or Rawlogy, a company that’s making super lightweight massage balls for backcountry travelers. They’re eco friendly, won’t take up space, and make it so you can give yourself better self care when you’re out there in the wilderness battling muscle fatigue.

On this episode, we dive into who and what Rawlogy is, how massage balls work, and why Marek is doing this in the first place.

This one is going to be great!


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Making a sustainable product

  • Marek’s backstory

  • How rolling out can alleviate pain

  • How much the Rawlogy balls weigh and what each are used for

  • How to implement self care

  • Addressing IT bands 

  • How impactful self care actually is

  • Reviews since launch

  • What the journey of Rawlogy has been like

  • What the outdoors means to Marek

  • #shareyourballs

  • The future of Rawlogy

  • Differences in what products are available

  • How to reach Rawlogy