Episode 77 Backpacking with Dogs and Effie Drew

For those dog lovers out there who dream of taking their best pal in the world on a backpacking trip, this episode is for you!

Effie Drew has hiked thousands of miles with her dog Luna along some of the best trails the United States has to offer and on this episode, we dive into what that looks like. We cover everything from training for a trail, managing food and water, to deciding how much weight your dog can carry down a trail.



By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Effie’s background in backpacking

  • How Effie became interested in Thru Hiking the AT

  • Remembering the AT

  • Effie’s decision bring a dog on the AT

  • Reflecting on the AT and if dogs belong on trail

  • What the “hiking” lifestyle looks like and requires

  • Heading into the second trail with a dog 

  • Seeing Luna make decisions on her own based on experience

  • Training a dog to hike off leash

  • Managing a dog’s well being and health on trail

  • Training your dog to hike like you train yourself

  • Learning to read your dog on trail to know how they’re doing

  • The connection with your dog after a trail

  • Gear for dogs and load carry

  • Caring for paws

  • Learning to push your dog at times

  • Feeding your dog on trail

  • Dealing with emotions on trail

  • Recovery for your dog

  • How to reach Effie for more information