Episode 76 Pack No Fears with Frans Diepstraten

Frans sent me an email a while back detailing an experience he had in the mountains while on a trail run with his dog. In years past, he would have brought a mountain of gear “just in case” but this time he packed only what he needed so he could move more quickly and cover more ground.

Halfway through the run he found himself in deep snow and had a moment of “what if.” He resolved to keep moving until he found himself back on the main trail headed to the truck. From this experience Frans began to have some realizations about how much gear is too much gear and how much is too little.

On this episode we explore this exact topic. We talk about what can be achieved by bringing only the essentials and Frans’ personal journey in backpacking.

 Lot’s of great stuff to think about in this one! 


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introduction to Frans

  • Thoughts on  public lands having come from the Netherlands to Canada

  • The learning curve of backcountry hunting

  • What kept Frans going back after having a less than idea experience

  • Reducing pack weight and living simple in the backcountry

  • Frans’ thoughts after an experience on a  recent day trip

  • The great debate of how much gear to bring and when

  • On mental awareness in the backcountry

  • Exploring various gear loadouts 

  • What opportunities exist when you reduce pack weight

  • Thoughts on using emergency beacons

  • Moving forward in future backcountry endeavors  

  • How the hunting mindset has impacted other outdoor activities and adventures

  • How to follow up with Frans