Episode 74 Thru Hiking, Mindfulness, and Lyme with Devin Everett

Devin Everett might actually be one of the most motivating people to talk with.

On this episode we cover everything from what spurred her Thru Hike of the AT, her battle with Lyme Disease, finding a cause to hike for, and what it means to be mindful in the backcountry. From start to finish, this chat with Devin is simply motivating.

If you’re in need of a feel good episode that makes you want to get out and do more, this is the one for you!



By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Devin’s backstory

  • Leading up to Devin’s Thru Hike

  • Backpacking experiences prior to the AT

  • What it takes to Thru Hike

  • Realizations while on trail

  • Choosing to hike the PCT

  • Hiking for a cause 

  • How hiking has helped Devin on a personal level

  • Tips for how to center yourself and meditate when backpacking

  • What it feels like going into trail number 2

  • Lyme Disease explained

  • What happens to the body with Lyme

  • Treatments

  • Symptoms

  • Checking for ticks

  • How ticks get on you

  • Common spots ticks are found on the body

  • Removal of ticks

  • Devin’s longterm plan

  • Devin’s thoughts on quitting a stable and reliable job to pursue a dream