Episode 73 Let's Talk Kid Carriers with Deuter

Deuter kid carriers are some of the most acclaimed carriers out on the market today. After doing personal research on which pack I should use to haul my little girl around in, the reviews and feedback always came back to those offered by Deuter.

On this episode, we chat with Liz Esche of Deuter who walks us through the brand new 2019 line up of kid carriers. As a new father looking for help on what to look for in a kid carrier, I run through a laundry list of questions with Liz and learned a number of new things along the way. We cover the new updates to the lineup, common features, differences in models, and of course the amazing Deuter Warranty.

If you’re in the market for a kid carrier, either now or in the future, this episode is for you!



By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • The history of Deuter

  • Sorting through the 2019 kid carrier lineup  

  • When is a carrier appropriate for a kid

  • How Deuter carriers function

  • How much extra gear can be carried with a carrier

  • Considerations for choosing a carrier and various features

  • Finding the right fit

  • Adjustability

  • Cleaning the carrier

  • Putting on the pack

  • Hydration features

  • Reaching and tending to the baby/kid when hiking

  • The Deuter Warranty

  • Kid friendly backpacks

  • General guidance on when kids can begin wearing packs

  • Hike It Baby

  • Price points

  • Where to find and try  the backpacks

  • Differences between last years model and this years model

  • Closing thoughts

  • How to learn more about about Deuter products