Episode 72 Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart with Carrot Quinn

Carrot Quinn is a long distance hiker, blogger, and author of the book “Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart,” a memoir of her time on the Pacific Crest Trail.

I came across Carrot’s work after having heard from a number of audience members that she was a source of inspiration to them so I reached out and asked if she’d be willing to come on to chat about her story. She willingly accepted the invitation and as a result, I had the pleasure of diving into a number of topics with Carrot throughout this episode.

We discuss her journey in long distance hiking, why she decided to write a book about it along with what that was like, and what backpacking means to her after all these years and experiences. Additionally, Carrot shares with me some things that might be difficult for some to hear and understand, but this is what I love about this podcast and connecting with people who share a similar passion for the outdoors. Because of backpacking, I had the opportunity to connect with someone about things I wasn’t aware of. Now it’s on me to investigate these topics further for my own knowledge and awareness.


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Why Carrot decided to write her book on Thru Hiking

  • On the process of writing and self publishing

  • The dynamic of writing a book versus a blog post

  • Who Carrot was writing for

  • Breaking the mold of “what a backpacker is”

  • Exploring the narrative of the outdoors

  • The power of social media in exposing the unheard narrative

  • How we can help marginalized communities 

  • Learning to be open to new ideas and concepts

  • The usage of public lands and the effects it can have on certain groups of people

  • How wilderness areas can impact issues on the US/Mexican border

  • The humanitarian crisis on border wilderness areas

  • How Carrot’s research on the border crisis has impacted her awareness of backpacking

  • What backpacking means now after the years

  • Finding new challenges in backpacking