Episode 70 Pacific Crest Trail Lessons with 2 Foot Adventures

Mary from 2 Foot Adventures is BACK to discuss all things Pacific Crest Trail 2019 related!

Mary and her partner run a mobile gear shop focused on ultralight gear built for the Pacific Crest Trail. They operate in a few locations throughout the hiking season and as of now are located in Warner Springs, California, at right about the 110 mile marker. These mobile gear shops are converted airstream style trailers that literally have everything you need for a Thru Hiker or really any type of backpacking. Trust me when I say they’re a godsend when gear is getting the best of you.

For years now, Mary has been operating these mobile gear shops and you can tell just by talking to her that it is without a doubt her passion. She absolutely loves the Thru Hikers and the PCT. She also has a unique look into what works for hikers and what doesn’t given the fact that she sees dozens and dozens of them in a single week (probably more like hundreds).

On this episode, we recap the 2018 PCT hiking season, chat about trends in gear, common pain points and problems hikers experience, and we even dive into the holistic side of what Thru Hiking means. There’s no shortage of great perspective and information in this episode and it’s now become one of my favorite conversations to look forward to each year.

Please enjoy!


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Recap of what 2 Foot Adventures is 

  • Why being at Warners Springs so important

  • Everything you need in 200 square feet

  • Specialty gear you can expect to see in the trailers

  • Trends in backpacking from year to year

  • The issue with “believing” in the gear we’ve purchased

  • What finding the right gear can do for you

  • Why being flexible and open minded can improve your experiences

  • The PCT as a pilgrimage

  • Common issues in the first 100 miles 

  • On finding the right gear that works for YOU  

  • How hikers change as they move north along the trail

  • What about quitting the trail?

  • Finding YOUR trail along the trail

  • Life lessons from the trail

  • Learning to enjoy the process

  • On responding to problems

  • Audience Q and A:

  • Most popular water filter

  • Most popular shelters

  • Average amount of time it takes to hike the PCT

  • When is the best time to start the PCT

  • How many miles to start with?

  • Best resupply strategy?

  • Considerations for the PCT this year

  • Closing thoughts

  • How to connect with 2 Foot Adventures