Episode 69 The Calendar Year Triple Crown with Tyler Lau

Tyler “The Prodigy” Lau completed the Calendar Year Triple Crown in 2018. That means, he hiked the PCT, CDT, and AT all in one single year. That’s a huge accomplishment and one that he’ll probably be digesting for years to come.

On this episode, I have the opportunity to pick his brain about why, how, and what it all means now that it’s over with. To say the least, there is a load of great information in this episode and it’s coming from a guy who just spent a lot of time on trail going through some incredible landscapes and situations.

 Please enjoy!



By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Tyler’s background and personal history

  • Tyler’s experience working the with the PCTA trail crews

  • Trail design and maintenance

  • Tyler’s path to completing a Calendar Year Triple Crown

  • What the Calendar Triple Crown is and means

  • Exploring the “why?”

  • Planning and logistics for 3 long trails in 1 year

  • Learning to be flexible, adaptive, and accepting changes as they come

  • What it means to “hike your own hike” 

  • The feelings and emotions associated with a Calendar Year Triple

  • The realization of the end

  • The physical toll

  • Mental games, focus, and rabbit holes

  • Changes in Tyler’s approach to hiking

  • Lessons learned

  • Dialing in the essentials

  • How to followup with Tyler