Episode 67 Becoming Adventure Ready with Katie Gerber

Some of you might have heard me talk about this thing I call “barriers to entry” when it comes to backpacking. It can be physical, mental, gear related, fear related, or really anything that keeps you from doing what you want to do outdoors. These barriers come in all forms and they’re unique to each of us. Nutrition is one of those barriers and I think it’s a great topic of conversation.

Katie Gerber is a certified nutritionist who focuses on helping people become what she calls “Adventure Ready.” Having experienced many forms of backpacking to include Thru-Hiking, Katie knows what you’re either going through or about to go through. It’s with that knowledge that she can coach you through the process of not only performing once you’re out there doing it, but more importantly, getting you ready prior to ever stepping down that trail.

I personally had a lot of great take aways from this conversation with Katie and I know you will too. For those of you looking to get better in the area of health and wellness, Katie has you back.


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Katie’s backstory

  • How Katie helps people with their nutrition

  • How and why Katie got into backpacking

  • Addressing the “hiker diet”

  • Being “Adventure Ready”

  • Katie’s online coursework for outdoor adventurers

  • What’s in the course

  • The impact of stress on health

  • The importance of sleep

  • Which module could stand alone on it’s own

  • Katie’s personal story with finding what foods work best for her


  • How to find and connect with Katie