Episode 65 Marie Draws The PCT

It’s not very often you get to interview someone BEFORE they hike a long trail, but for this episode, that’s exactly what I was able to do.

Marie-Pier Tremblay is a graphic artist/illustrator from Montreal, Canada who begins her hike of the PCT in April of 2019. We connected after my wife hired her to illustrate my PCT terminus photo as a birthday present. After receiving the gift and hearing about how awesome she was to speak with, I got on the ol’ gram, shot her an invitation, and here we are!

I personally had a blast with this episode and it was great to have the opportunity to hear from Marie how she decided to hike the PCT, what she’s excited about, and also what keeps her up at night. One of the unique aspects of her upcoming hike is that because Marie is an artist, she’s intending on illustrating her journey in some fashion along the way. What comes of the illustrations is yet to be determined and whether or not she’ll have the energy to keep up with them is yet another question, but nonetheless, that’s the game plan and we dive into how that may play out as well during this interview.

If you’re curious about what a hiker goes through leading up to a long trail, you’ll love this episode!



By Land,

Emory R. Wanger


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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Why did Marie decide to hike the PCT? 

  • Background on Marie and her early years

  • How the PCT seed got planted

  • The feeling of the PCT choosing you 

  • The years between childhood and now

  • Where Marie was when she made the decision to hike the PCT

  • What it felt like hearing from the thru hiking community

  • Preparing and training for the PCT

  • Advice from other hikers

  • What Marie hopes to get from the trail

  • Settling into the idea of the PCT

  • Marie draws the PCT

  • Plans to manage drawing the PCT

  • The work behind the artwork

  • Thoughts on Marie’s style

  • How to find, reach, and follow Marie