Episode 64 2% for Conservation with Jared Frasier

Jared Frasier is the Executive Director of 2% for Conservation, a Non-Profit Organization that certifies that brands and people are donating 1% of their time and 1% of their money to conservation efforts. This episode covers a lot of ground, hence why it is nearly double the regular show lengths, but it’s for good reason. Jared shares not only what 2% does, but he also covers the history of conservation, where we’re at today with funding and efforts, and where everything is headed to in the future.

This episode is jam packed full of great content and I sincerely left my chat with Jared feeling enlightened and motivated to do more for these special places.

Please enjoy this episode with Jared Frasier!


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Why Jared is on the show

  • Intro to 2% for Conservation 

  • What 2% is 

  • A history lesson on wildlife conservation

  • Assessed taxes that fund conservation

  • Where to start with giving back

  • The predicament of not knowing how and where to give back

  • On the risk of echochambers

  • How 2% helps others find the right brands doing the right things

  • There are actually bad people and brands out there

  • Building conservation in to the business plan

  • On protecting the landscape

  • How big the impact COULD be if we all gave back

  • The impact of volunteering

  • How dwindling hunting numbers are impacting state/federal conservation efforts and funding

  • The idea of assessing a “backpack” tax 

  • Adjusting to the modern culture and buying practices

  • Brands leading the way on giving back

  • What would Teddy do or say?

  • Closing thoughts

  • How to reach 2% for Conservation