Episode 61 Saving the Boundary Waters with Dave and Amy Freeman

Dave and Amy Freeman spent an entire year living in the Boundary Waters, a vast wilderness in northern Minnesota that many flock to throughout the year for its pristine waters and canoeing adventures. That’s not all they’ve done though, they’ve made a life out of exploration and on this episode, we learn all about it.

While Dave and Amy might live an adventurous life in these wild places, they also take protecting these places even more seriously. Enter the threat to the Boundary Waters. In summary, this vast wilderness is being threatened by a mining operation, but there’s still time to help. At the time of this episode going up, there is a deadline near the end of January 2019 to offer signatures and comments on a proposal to begin mining in the Boundary Waters. Dave and Amy walk me through what this operation is, how it came to be, and what we can do to help prevent it from taking place in this beautiful landscape that so many love.

Please enjoy this episode with a couple of incredible individuals who have a huge heart for wild places.


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Introductions 

  • Save the Boundary Waters Org

  • Spending a year in the Boundary Waters

  • Backstory on how Dave and Amy came to live in the Boundary Waters

  • Previous adventures

  • Why it’s important to do these things in the wild

  • Where the adventure  bug stems from

  • Details of the Boundary Waters

  • Visiting the BW

  • What living in the BW was like 

  • What happens to the human senses after living in the wilderness for long periods of time

  • Deep diving the threat to the Boundary Waters

  • What we can do to help protect the Boundary Waters

  • Dave and Amy’s Book!

  • How to find and reach Dave and Amy

  • Last Question: Do Dave and Amy feel they may have been born in the wrong century?