Episode 58 Saved By Mountains with Jeff Oliver

Jeff “IBTAT” Oliver has been saved by mountains. In 2013, he went cold turkey from alcohol and focused his energy on hiking. Fast forward to today and he’s now completed the Appalachian Trail (2018) and will be stepping down the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019, but that’s just the beginning. Jeff has his sights set on the entire Triple Crown and after talking with him, I have no doubt he’ll see his goal through.

Jeff is one awesome guy. He’s an open book who loves hiking, sharing his story, and being exactly who he is. If you visit his website, you’ll see that at the end of the day he hopes to inspire others that have struggled with drugs or alcohol to choose a new path.

On this episode, we talk about Jeff’s 2018 AT Thru Hike, his future goals with the Triple Crown, and why he chose backpacking over drinking.

Please enjoy this episode with Jeff “IBAT” Oliver!


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Jeff’s transition from hunting to thru hiking

  • Learning to enjoy the trail

  • Craving the trail after the trail

  • Jeff’s gear story

  • The goal of completing the Triple Crown

  • What it means to attain the Triple Crown  

  • Sacrificing to reach your dreams

  • Jeff’s mindset towards shorter trips after hiking the AT

  • Jeff’s life prior to backpacking and his battle with drinking

  • How backpacking changed Jeff’s life

  • Replacing alcohol with hiking

  • How to avoid drinks on trail

  • Applying what was learned on the trail to everyday life

  • Becoming efficient on the trail

  • Food on the trail

  • What Jeff is changing going into the PCT

  • On being alone in the wilderness

  • Addressing mental challenges

  • Advice for future hikers

  • How to find and follow Jeff