Episode 57 The Hot Springs Trail with Aria Zoner

Aria Zoner is the author of The Hot Springs Trail guidebook and a guy who sincerely wants you to experience the landscape as you wish to experience it.

On this episode, we talk about what exactly the Hot Springs Trail is, where it’s at, why Aria created it, and what the its proposal status is as a National Scenic Trail. Additionally, we discuss how Aria went from eating junk food on long trails to eating whole foods and how that impacted his overall experiences and performance.

This episode is loaded with some great advice and you’ll be able to tell very quickly how passionate Aria is about helping people backpack.


Thanks to Aria, I have two Hot Springs Trail guidebooks to give away. The first two listeners to hit me up via email at emory@byland.co will be the lucky recipients of this incredible book.

 Please enjoy this episode with Aria!


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Background on the Hot Springs Trail

  • Aria’s path with backpacking

  • How a knee surgery was the beginning of everything

  • The importance of the Hayduke Trail

  • A hiking meditation

  • Making the hike your own for your own reasons

  • The impact that food has on a hike

  • Whole food versus junk food

  • The status of the Hot Springs Trail proposal

  • Aria’s advice for hiking the Hot Springs Trail

  • How to find your own style of hiking

  • What is in Aria’s food bag

  • Matching a diet to the region

  • Current state of the Hot Springs Trail

  • How to reach Aria