Episode 55 Hiker Trash Vogue with Twerk

If there was any one out there who completely changed the face of what photography is along the Pacific Crest Trail, or really any long trail for that matter, it’s Twerk. In 2018, he created what began as a bit of a goof off session with fellow hikers on the PCT that quickly turned into an entire body of work called “Hiker Trash Vogue.”

For over 2000 miles, Twerk photographed hikers along the PCT and did so in a manner that is unlike anything out there. He was able to take his passion of both hiking and photography and mash them together in what is now going to be a coffee table book and an entire creative effort from here on out.

Twerk is an incredible guest that had me laughing throughout our entire chat. We talk about his experiences on the trail and how hard it can be to keep going, but how amazing it is to finally see that monument you’ve walked so far to get to.

If you enjoy great stories and great personalities, you’re going to love this episode with Twerk!



By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Being hiker famous

  • How HTV came to be

  • How HTV became motivation to finish the trail

  • Dealing with the mental struggles of the trail

  • Digesting the trail and life after

  • Learning to be yourself on the trail

  • Thoughts on being a source of confidence to the gay community

  • The Thru Hiking community is a family

  • How the trail finds a way to turn you into mush

  • How it felt to see Canada

  • The future of Hiker Trash Vogue

  • Twerk’s advice for potential thru hikers