Episode 52 Learn To Thru Hike with Liz Thomas

If you want to learn about backpacking from someone who knows a thing or two, you’ll want to open your ears to Liz Thomas. She’s hiked over 17,000 miles of trail along the Triple Crown of Thru Hikes, captured the Fastest Known Time on the AT, and spent countless miles along many other trails in the US over the years. The good news for you is that she’s decided to open up her experiences so that others may learn from her successes and trials in the form of not only an incredible book, but also an online course.

Liz Thomas is not only a hiking rockstar, but she’s a great person who just wants to help you get better and reach your full potential. If you want to chase down a long distance trail of your own one day, she’ll help you. Or, if you just want to get out there for your first time, well, she’ll have your back there too.

This episode is loaded with great advice and information on backpacking, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this chat with Liz Thomas.

By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Who is Liz Thomas?

  • How Liz came to hike over 17k miles 

  • The first experience of a long trail

  • Deciding to attempt the FKT of the AT

  • Liz’s long distance hiking book

  • Benefits of long distance hikes

  • What Liz has learned in all those thousands of miles

  • Learning to hike long distances and how to do it

  • Mental challenges on long trails and how to deal with them

  • Treeline Review - Liz’s new website! https://www.treelinereview.com/

  • What to expect

  • A short discussion on footwear

  • Liz’s Thru Hiking course for sale

  • Liz’s advice to new backpackers



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