Episode 51 Born In The Boundary Waters with Granite Gear

Believe it or not, Granite Gear actually started out in the canoeing industry making portage packs for those venturing into the Boundary Waters over thirty years ago. Fast forward to today, and they’ve been a staple on long distance trails after striking a chord with Thru Hikers when the Vapor Trail design came out and once again with the second iteration of the Crown.

Rob Coughlin joins me for this episode to discuss all things Granite Gear. Rob is a great guy to spend time chatting with and shares a number of history lessons about the company, some background on himself and how he came to work with Granite Gear, as well as a couple of programs the company is working with to help make lives and wild place better.

If you’re wanting to get to know a long standing company in the backpacking/canoeing industry, you’ll want to take a listen to this episode. There is no doubt a solid group of people behind the scenes at Granite Gear and they’re creating things with you in mind.

Enjoy this chat with Rob from Granite Gear!


By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • Robs background in the outdoor industry

  • Origins of Granite Gear

  • The importance of the Boundary Waters 

  • How GG got involved in ultralight packs

  • Retooling of the Blaze pack

  • Testing and proving gear

  • Grounds Keepers Program

  • Warrior Expeditions

  • New stuff from Granite Gear

  • Advice to new backpackers

  • How to reach Granite Gear


  • https://www.granitegear.com/

  • https://www.granitegear.com/discover/thegroundskeepers

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/granitegear/

  • https://www.instagram.com/granitegear/