Episode 50 One Family, 6 Kids, and 2000 Miles

The Crawfords are a family of 8 with kids ranging from 2 years old to 17. In 2018 they hiked the entire Appalachian Trail together as a family unit and while they might agree it sounds like a crazy task, when you get to know them a little, you’ll find that this is simply just the result of the family culture they’ve built from day one.

Ben Crawford joins me for Episode 50 not to talk about the AT, backpacks, gear, or the logistics of hiking over 2000 miles with a family of 8, but rather to talk about how those of us with kids can redefine what it means to build a family unit. We discuss how he and his Wife began breaking the mold of what a family can and can’t do and how those of us with families can begin taking steps to get outside more and more often with our little ones, regardless of age.

For me, this episode is yet another example of why this podcast exists. You’re going to love this chat with Ben as we walks be through how not to be a prisoner of fear.



By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Introductions

  • How the family decided to backpack the AT

  • Building an outgoing family culture

  • Dealing with safety in the outdoors with kids

  • Changing the mindset of child rearing

  • Addressing fear based mindsets

  • Experiences enhanced with those closest to you

  • The early days backpacking with a family

  • Where to start with family outings

  • Kids can walk

  • Managing the cry

  • Believing in your kids

  • Managing expectations and deciding outcomes

  • Life after the trail

  • Final thoughts 

  • How to find and follow the Crawfords