Episode 48 Make It Rain with Luxe Hiking Gear

Luxe Hiking Gear is an outfit out of Forks, Washington that makes quality shelters at a great price point.

I recently met the Luxe Team at PCT Days in Cascade Locks and had a chance to see their shelters first hand. After a long chat and a close inspection of how the shelters function, I knew I had to get them on the podcast to talk about what they offer.

As always with these brand features, we talk about who Luxe is, but we also dive into some other great topics as well…specifically how to backpack in the rain and stay comfortable.

Jake Morrison walks me through how he manages life in the Olympic Peninsula where it rains a lot…and I mean, a lot! We talk about how to reduce condensation, manage the wet, and how to accept conditions as they are. I learned a ton from this chat and I know you will too!

Enjoy this episode with Jake from Luxe Hiking Gear!



By Land,

Emory R. Wanger



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Show Notes

  • Living in the Olympic Mountain Range

  • Backpacking in the Olympics

  • How Luxe products perform in rainy environments

  • evolving gear lists

  • Battling condensation

  • Managing gear expectations

  • Rainy backpack hunting shelter choices

  • Knowing when to bring a wood burning stove with you

  • Luxe product lines

  • When and how to visit the Olympic Mountains