Episode 44 The Wilderness Athlete

When we think about the outdoors, we normally let our brains dive right into choosing the right gear.  What if you get that right, but fail to prepare yourself for your adventure?  Wilderness Athlete is a performance supplement company focused on serving those venturing into the outdoors.  On this episode, Kevin Guillen joins me to discuss what Wilderness Athlete is, why is was created, and how supplements can play a role in your outdoor activities.  

This episode is loaded with a bunch of great information centered around using supplements as a tool to enhance your adventures.  Kevin coaches me through how I would approach bringing some of the WA products with me on an adventure and why they would be important.  

If you're headed into the backcountry, you're going to want to be as prepared as possible and that doesn't mean having the right gear.  It means having the right mindset and tools with you to make sure that time out there is as good as it can me.

Please enjoy this episode with Wilderness Athlete!



By Land,

Emory Ronald



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Show Notes

  • Introduction to Kevin and Wilderness Athlete
  • Origins of WA
  • Why WA was founded
  • Creating an outdoor focused supplement brand tailored to that community
  • Who WA serves and who they are as a company
  • Kevin’s background and how he came to work for WA
  • Using supplements for the outdoors
  • How supplements can enhance  performance in the outdoors
  • Kevin’s supplement advice for a long distance trail
  • How supplements can apply to an average backpacking or hunting trip
  • Kevin’s advice to newbs
  • How to reach Wilderness Athlete