Episode 39 Leave No Trace

So you have all the gear, a trail picked out, and you're ready to make your way up that trail.  Have you thought about how your weekend excursion will impact the environment for years to come?  If not, you're not alone.

On this episode, I had the pleasure of talking to Aaron and Doniell from Leave No Trace about how to properly interact with the wild places we visit.  They blew my mind with the amount of science based advice they offered up!  I really had no idea how much information I was missing and can tell that I could use a lot more educating on the subject of Leave No Trace.

Aaron and Donielle are traveling trainers who specialize in educating others on how to lesson our impact on nature when we're out and about.  They have a passion for the topic and you'll learn quickly that they're just scratching the surface of the topics we cover on this episode.  

If you're a backcountry traveler, it's important to know how you impact the world around you.  This episode will give you a solid foundation from which to build upon.  



By Land,

Emory Ronald



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Show Notes

  • Introductions
  • Background on Donielle and Aaron
  • Why they continue to teach Leave No Trace principles
  • What is Leave No Trace?
  • How Leave No Trace reaches outdoor users
  • “Why” Leave No Trace?
  • Leave No Trace based on real science
  • What’s at risk if we fail to take care of the backcountry
  • Impacts of camp sites on the environment
  • Varying regional practices
  • An overview of the “7 Principles of Leave No Trace”
  • How dog waste plays into Leave No Trace
  • Recap of the idea of Leave No Trace
  • How to learn more and what training is available
  • How Subaru supports waste reduction and the organization
  • Advice to new backpackers