Episode 38 Film What Makes You Feel with Aaron Hitchins of Rockouse Motion

Aaron Hitchins is part of the talented team at Rockhouse Motion.  I've always had an appreciation for storytelling in the way of video and recently decided I'd do what I could to begin learning the trade.  With the access to beautiful imagers these days that are capable of far more than they were just a handful of years ago, I decided to reach out to Aaron to see if he'd be willing to walk me through where to even begin with video.

Aaron might be one of the easiest guys to talk to and it was a pleasure to spend on the phone with him discussing the outdoors, his personal story, his career, and how to approach story telling with video.  He was not only helpful, but he was willing to be an open book about everything.

I know I've been covering a lot of creative episodes lately, but I think it's important that we talk about the skills of backpacking AND the creative side around it.  If you want to document your personal journey or that of a family member so you can have it for years to come, it's good to hear from guys like Aaron so we can be prepared to capture the moments when the happen.  

Aaron isn't just a great photographer or videographer.  He's also passionate about the impact wild places can have on people of all ages and cultures.  I can't tell you how much it means to me that guys like Aaron  are willing to come on the show to offer up their experiences so that others may learn from them as well.

Learning from others is what this show is all about.  We might be 38 episodes in now, but we're just getting started!

Enjoy this chat with Aaron from Rockhouse!

By Land,

Emory Ronald



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Show Notes

  • Introductions
  • The path to Rockhouse
  • Background on Rockhouse
  • How Aaron’s background in the outdoors influences his work with customers
  • How Aaron deals manages his profession that lives inside this passions (dealing with a pile of care)
  • Aaron’s passion projects
  • Student of the Wild Essay
  • Where would Aaron be if he wasn’t doing what he’s doing 
  • “Beyond the Roar” Film
  • Understanding videography and storytelling with video
  • “Filming the things that make you feel”
  • Videography versus Photography
  • How to approach videography
  • Becoming efficient at storytelling
  • Setting expectations for a project
  • Aaron’s advice to newbs