Episode 35 Learning to Backpack Hunt with Josh Kirchner

Sometimes we forget what it's like to be new to something.  As we progress in our work, life, or hobby, it's natural that we lose track of where we came from and what it was like to have no idea where to even begin something new.

Josh Kirchner runs an amazing website at www.dialedinhunter.com where he documents his journey in hunting.  After years of trial and error, Josh has now introduced backpack hunting into the mix, however contrary to what you might think, he didn't grow up backpacking.  

Like most of us, Josh took the hard route into backpack hunting.  He had to learn on his own and work up to bigger and bigger trips.  Looking back now, he's thankful he jumped in head first, but to say it was easy would a lie.

On this episode of The By Land Podcast, Josh and I talk about what it was like starting out backpacking and backpack hunting.  We discuss the basics of how it all works and share our individual stories of where we came from and how far we've come.  

This episode is all about learning the basics of backpack hunting.  It's a raw and real discussion about lessons learned.  If you're looking to start a new hobby like backpack hunting, give this episode a listen.  I think you'll really enjoy this conversation with Josh.

By Land,

Emory Ronald



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Show Notes

  • Introductions
  • Who Josh is and what he does with www.dialedinhunter.com
  • How and why Josh decided to get into backpack hunting
  • Josh’s first backpacking experiences and how he got started
  • Starting small and working up to bigger trips
  • Common hurdles to backpack hunting and how to overcome them
  • Sorting through all the possible gear solutions and how to uncomplicate them
  • Josh brings a friend backpack hunting for the first time…
  • Misconceptions of what backpack hunting is and isn’t
  • Emory’s first backpack hunting experience
  • Learning to backpack hunt and build up to longer trips
  • Understanding why you are out there in the first place
  • How to successfully combine backpacking and hunting
  • Planning out your backpack hunt and what to take into account (ie game evacuation)
  • Benefits of backpack hunting - tactical advantage
  • Considerations for backpack hunting - things to keep in mind
  • Choosing the right shelter for your style of backpack hunting
  • Recap of the episode highlights
  • Josh’s closing thoughts and final bits of advice on being alone in the wilderness
  • How to reach Josh