Episode 34 Hiking Free with Dirty Avocado

A while back I came across the Instagram account of a PCT Hiker named Dirty Avocado.  That then led me to her YouTube channel and to one specific video with her discussing the trail, what she learned, and her battle with footwear.  

After hearing her talk about the importance of listening to what your body is trying to tell you, I decided I wanted to have her on as a guest to walk me through her lessons learned.

On this episode, we cover how she got into long distance backpacking, the feeling of freely hiking a trail, the importance of listening to your body, and what happens after the trail.  

It's a great episode, and like me, Dirty Avocado just wants to reach people and help them find their adventures.

Special thanks to her for being willing to come on to talk about her personal story.  Also, thank YOU, the audience, for coming back week after week!  It means the world.

By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introductions 
  • How DA got into long distance backpacking
  • How DA decided to hikg the PCT in 2017
  • DA’s background in backpacking and where she came from
  • Why hike thousands of miles?
  • Long trail mindsets
  • The ups and downs of the trail and how DA dealt with these worked through them.
  • Learning to reduce pack weight and what the impact is both physically and mentally
  • Repercussions of not listening to your body
  • Seeing the monument and what happens after mentally
  • Life after the trail what comes next
  • Rationalizing the damage a long trail does to the body
  • Reaching people through social media and YouTube
  • Benefits of long distance backpacking
  • Advice to aspiring Thru Hikers
  • How to find Dirty Avacado online
  • Bonus Round
  • What’s with the name Dirty Avacado?
  • How to eat Vegan on the trail