Episode 31 The Pull of Mountain Hunting with Adam Janke

Adam Janke is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Mountain Hunting and the host of The Beyond the Kill Podcast.  After being a guest on his podcast, I asked Adam if he'd be willing to join me for an episode to talk about why he feels such a passion for hunting, what he feels is needed in the hunting community, and to discuss his soon-to-be-release film about a late season Mountain Goat Hunt on the winter slopes of B.C..  

There's something really special about the passion Adam has for mountain hunting.  His passion led him from a normal every day job to establishing an online and now print editorial focused on telling the story of hunting the way he believes it should be told.  Adam's ability to deep dive subjects big and small is truly amazing and he's the type of guy that wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to the things he loves.  

To cap off this conversation, we dive into his upcoming film about a mountain goat hunt he recently filmed in the mountains of B.C..  I had the opportunity to see a rough cut of the film and believe it to be one of the best portrayals of mountain hunting there is.  No fluff and no fancy stuff, just straight hard work and a dedication to a mission with a group of focused individuals working together for a common goal.

You're going to enjoy this chat with Adam!


By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introductions
  • The Journal of Mountain Hunting and Beyond the Kill Podcast
  • How Adam made the jump to a full time hunting editorial  
  • The building blocks of Adam’s passion for mountain hunting
  • How to explain the passion and pull of hunting
  • Adam’s upcoming hunting film and the purpose of telling the story
  • What Adam hopes to achieve with his film
  • Lessons learned from mountain hunting (gear, food, mindset)
  • How to find Adam and his content