Episode 29 Packrafting with Alpacka Raft

Thor and Sarah Tingey are the folks behind Alpacka Raft.  If you're not familiar with the company, it's important to know that it's a leader in the industry of Packrafting.  Thor goes way back with the company to the very beginning when it was just him and is Mom creating lightweight portable rafts for people making treks across the landscapes of Alaska.  

Fast forward to today, Alpacka Raft is made here in the U.S. and serves customers around the world!  

On this episode, you'll hear Thor and Sarah speak about what packrafting is, how to get into it, how to choose a raft, the history of packrafting, and even conservation.  It's a full set of topics here on this episode and it won't disappoint.

This is no doubt a great conversation with some wonderful people and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to speak with them so candidly.  



By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introductions
  • Thor’s background with the founding of Alpacka Raft
  • Thors intro into what packrafting is
  • Sarah’s background 
  • Thor’s eye opening realization about what is possible in the backcountry
  • Thoughts on and benefits of long duration backcountry trips
  • What keeps Thor and Sarah returning to wild places
  • How Thor and Sarah make each of their trips unique 
  • How comparing your trip to the trips of others can sour the experience
  • How to make your trip your own
  • Using topographical maps to build basic skills and to understand your area of interest
  • How to learn and build on basic skills
  • The history of packrafting as told by Thor  - also lots of great stories!
  • How Alpacka Raft was created
  • How packrafting can open up opportunities in the backcountry
  • How to choose an Alpacka Packraft
  • Packrafts compared to regular kayaks
  • Things to know before you get into packrafting
  • The growing popularity of packgrafting
  • The growth and maturity of Alpacka Rafts
  • How to buy an Alpacka Raft
  • What it’s like to see the growth and useage of Alpacka products around the world from the perspective of the founders
  • Thor’s favorite inspirational story from a customer
  • Sarah’s reason behind why she loves what Alpacka Rafts offer customers and her love for customer service
  • Where Thor and Sarah get their most satisfaction and inspiration
  • Trends and the future of Alpacka Rafts - What’s next?
  • How Alpacka Rafts support the conservation effort - access to public water