Episode 27 Hunting with onX Maps

When it comes to navigating the backcountry, there are a lot of tools out there for us today.  One of those is navigation using our fancy smartphones and it happens to work really, really well.  OnX Maps was built with the hunter in mind.  From the very moment you open the application, you can tell it's loaded with information that hunters will benefit from.  

On this episode of The By Land Podcast, you'll learn about using the mobile navigation application called onX Maps.  From top to bottom, you'll come away from this chat with Dylan knowing exactly what the company believes in and how their platform benefits the backcountry hunter.  Loaded with features and a well designed interface, onX Maps delivers time and again.

It's important to make time to venture into the wild, but it's just as important to come home.

Enjoy this chat with onX Maps!

By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introduction to Dylan and onX Maps
  • The origin of onX Maps
  • What onX Maps is and who its for
  • Dylan’s experience with mobile mapping via onX Maps
  • How onX Maps can enhance the hunting experience
  • How the mobile app is managed by the user
  • Trusting a mobile phone for navigation
  • How to use onX Maps when hunting and preparing to hunt
  • New special features of onX Maps
  • Using onX Maps outside of hunting
  • How upgraded layers work
  • Connecting your mobile app with the desktop app
  • The future of onX Maps
  • Contacting onX Maps