Episode 26 Ultralight Backpacking with Z Packs

If you spend any amount of time researching ultralight backpacking companies, you're going to come across the company Z Packs and for good reason.  They've become a staple of long distance backpackers over the past decade and continue to push the boundaries of what ultralight backpacking is.  

I have Will and Matt from Z Packs join me for this episode of The By Land Podcast to talk about Z Packs; what they offer, how they go about designing gear, and what is important to them as people making gear for other backpackers.  These two guys have been around the company for a lot of years and have a ton of great stuff to share with you about the company.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to spend an hour talking with a couple of great guys who just want to do good things for people headed out on adventures.  Will and Matt offer a history lesson on how ultralight backpacking came to be, suggestions on gear, and some insight into what is coming down the pipe for Z Packs in the future.  You're going to love hearing what these two gentlemen have to say!


By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introductions to Matt and Will from Z Packs
  • Origin story of Z Packs
  • Why Z Packs was founded 
  • A history lesson in ultralight backpacking gear
  • What has made ultralight backpacking so popular
  • Earning the trust of consumers
  • The durability factor of chosen fabrics
  • How long distance backpacking has influenced general backpacking
  • What Z Packs is doing to improve the users backpacking experience
  • Z Packs design principles
  • What it means to design gear to be a part of someone’s adventure
  • Popular Z Packs gear choices 
  • New Z Packs rainwear
  • How to reduce overall pack weight
  • How to deal with rain
  • Matt and Will’s advice to new backpackers
  • The future of Z Packs!  What’s coming!
  • How to find and contact Z Packs


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