Episode 25 How to Hike 50 Miles in a Day with John Z

John Z knows how to hike, but he also knows how to do it the right way without risking injury to himself.  On this episode of The By Land Podcast, hiker John Z joins me to talk about how he manages to hike 50 miles per day and how he's come to live a minimalist life.  John is also one of the creators of Pa'lente Packs, a pack company that is intentional about being minimal and functional.  

I asked John on the podcast because he has a method of hiking that allows him to cover crazy distances in a day and I wanted to know how he does it.  Additionally, I wanted to learn from John how he's been able to reduce his pack weight to 8 lbs..  We talk about this and so much more.

If you're looking to get better at streamlining your process, reducing pack bulk, and want to know the proper techniques to moving down a trail, you're not going to want to miss this episode.  John is a great dude, super chill, and just loves what he does.


By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introductions
  • John’s background and how he built up to hiking 50 miles in a single day
  • Proper hiking technique for reducing impact on the body
  • The impact of pack weight on the body
  • The choices of gear - bringing what you need depending on the trip
  • Adapting to trail conditions and scenarios
  • John’s food plan and being aware of your body
  • How to be minimal - making do with what you have
  • Why John continues to hike and explore the backcountry
  • Johns new pack company - behind the design
  • Who’s John’s pack is designed for
  • How John decided not to use a waist belt for a pack
  • “Packing your fears”
  • John’s advice to new backpackers
  • Finding John online
  • What’s next for John and the pack company
  • John’s camera choice
  • John and Emory BS session…


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