Episode 24 Intentional Photography with Guillaume from Photoxplorer.com

 I'm pretty sure I found my photography spirit guide from a Craigslist purchase.  Guillaume is not only a talented and unique photographer, but he has this way of explaining the art of photography that makes an all too often complicated topic not so complicated.  Let me back up a bit and explain how this episode came to be.

Life has a funny way of working out.  I couple of years ago I met Guillaume when he sold me a tripod on Craigslist.  When I went home that night, I looked up his website and was blown away by his work.  I followed him on Instagram immediately and was always entertained by his images.  

Fast forward to a few months ago, we reconnected yet again via Craigslist when he was selling a camera lens I was interested in purchasing.  Over the course of a few email exchanges, I realized that this guy had more to say about photography than what I had originally anticipated.  He walked me through the ins and outs of ensuring I'd be making the right purchase rather than taking advantage of a random photography newb.  After our exchanges, it hit me that I needed to get him on the podcast so out of the blue, I asked Guillaume if he would be willing to join me for an episode to give me some straight talk about photography.  

My original intent was to have some super awesome tech talk, but as a spirit guide would naturally do, he made me realize that before tech talk, we needed to talk about photography from a holistic standpoint.  What followed during our conversation was nothing short of incredible.

Guillaume is a damn good photographer, but he might be just as good of a teacher.  


By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introductions
  • How Guillaume went from being an engineer to being a travel journalist
  • Gear - The initial struggle with photography
  • Understanding what makes a good photograph and reading the environment
  • Example of reading the environment to capture an image
  • Decision making in photography
  • Simplifying the photography process
  • How to properly employ an entire photography kit
  • Matching the photography gear to the adventure
  • Guillaume’s backpacking kit for an average trip 
  • How reducing gear can increase the amount of keepers  
  • The struggle of tripods for photography 
  • Purpose driven trips for photography - being intentional
  • Understanding the subject you’re shooting
  • Applying Guillaume’s advice
  • The importance of weather sealing for a camera
  • Carrying a camera when backpacking
  • How to find Guillaume


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