Episode 22 Gates of the Arctic Natl. Park with Expert Guide Joe Wilkins

Joe Wilkins, among many things, is the author of a recently published book called "Gates of the Arctic National Park: Twelve Years of Wilderness Exploration."  For more years than you and I can imagine, Joe Wilkins has explored, guided, trained Park Rangers and helped educate as many people as possible about the riches of his beloved National Park. 

Joe was an absolute blast to talk with.  You can tell that his passion for the outdoors runs as deep as the deepest forest in Alaska and is as pure as the water flowing from those incredible mountains he's loved for so many years.

You're going to love hearing Joe talk about his book, his experiences in the backcountry, and what he's learned over the many decades he's spent in the wilds of Alaska.  


By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introductions
  • The backstory to Joe Wilkins
  • How Joe became interested in Alaska
  • Joe’s experience in Gates of the Arctic National Park
  • Fun facts about Alaska
  • Intro to Gates of the Arctic National Park
  • Features of the park 
  • Adventures in the park
  • Animals located in the park and Joe's interactions with them
  • How Joe learned to be comfortable around wild predators
  • Joe's experience working with and training new park Rangers
  • Learning to live in the Arctic Wilderness
  • The importance of Jim’s book
  • How to find Joe's book
  • Joe's cause helping Veterans with the proceeds of the book
  • Joe's advice to new backpackers and adventurers 






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