Episode 21 Pacific Crest Trail Advice with 2 Foot Adventures

Pillsbury (real name Mary) is a former PCT hiker and one of the founders of "2 Foot Adventures," a high end pop up gear shop located along the Pacific Crest Trail.  Each year, Mary and her partner help dozens, if not hundreds, of weary Thru Hikers who are struggling with injury, gear troubles, and mental fatigue.  

Located at both Warner Springs and Lone Pine, hikers will find a retrofitted Airstream trailer full of all the gear a Thru Hiker could ask for and sound advice to go along with it.  For some, 2 Foot Adventures is a source of rejuvenation and encouragement, while for others it's a place to drop some serious pack weight.  2 Foot Adventures is a high end mobile outfitter focused on helping as many Thru Hikers as it can as they make their way up the PCT.  

Mary is about as passionate as they come.  She not only cares about the hikers, but she cares about the trail, the idea of backpacking, and wants nothing but to see hikers make it as far up the trail as their bodies will take them.  We spoke for over an hour about common injuries on the PCT, how to get past the first 100 miles, what gear is proven to work, the benefits of Thru Hiking, and her advice to Thru Hikers on the PCT.

You're going to love this episode of The By Land Podcast because you'll hear how passionate Mary is about what she does.  If you're hiking the PCT in 2018, be sure to stop by her gear shops as you make your way up the trail!  


By Land,

Emory Ronald



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  • Introduction to 2 Food Adventures
  • Common issues after 100 miles on the PCT
  • Common Footwear issues and remedies
  • Over use injuries, causes, and remedies
  • Long distance hiking routines and techniques
  • Ego on the trail - miles, pace, distance
  • The PCT as a mental game
  • Post trail feelings
  • Benefits of long distance hiking
  • PCT Gear advice!
  • Clothes
  • Packs
  • Sleeping system
  • The ultralight movement - pros and cons
  • Gear and backpacking dvice to the general backpacker
  • Tips for reducing overall pack weight
  • How to find 2 Foot Adventures
  • Closing thoughts: Misconceptions of “who” a Thru Hiker is



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