Episode 18 SAWYER Water Filters

I recall being utterly confused the first time I researched water filters for backpacking.  There are pumps, squeeze, and gravity types, but no one told me what to purchase and I was terrified I'd choose one that wouldn't protect me.  

On this episode, I talk to Travis Avery of Sawyer (the water filter, bug spray, and sun screen maker), about what they offer and how their products solve the problem of filtering water.  I learned some things I didn't know previously and I think if you're on the search for knowledge, this episode will suit you well.  Travis gives me a rundown of what they offer, how it works, and why their products are so popular.  

I want to add that Sawyer has a huge heart for people around the world that don't have access to clean drinking water.  You'll hear Travis talk about this towards the end of the episode, so if you want to support a company that supports those in need, check out Sawyer.com.


By Land,

Emory Ronald


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  • Intro to Sawyer and Travis Avery
  • Background on Sawyer 
  • How Sawyer approaches water filtering 
  • Unique attributes of the Sawyer design
  • Types of water filtering (squeeze versus gravity versus pump)
  • Common issues that arise from not filtering water 
  • How much dirty water it takes to cause digestive track issues
  • How the industry regulates what filters are safe and how Sawyer approaches delivery to the customer
  • Besides form factor, are all filters equal?
  • Sawyer Mini versus the Sawyer Squeeze 
  • Lifetime Warranty of the Sawyer Squeeze - how does that work?
  • Proper maintenance of Sawyer water filters
  • Before Sawyers hollow fiber solution, what were filters using to filter water?
  • Latest and greatest from Sawyer for 2018 
  • Solutions for added contamination (Adsorbtion)
  • Other Sawyer product offerings
  • How Sawyer is helping bring clean water to those in need around the globe.


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