Episode 015 - Ultralight Quilts with Enlightened Equipment

This quilt isn't a product of your Grandmothers quilting guild.  Enlightened Equipment creates solutions for backpackers who desire to carry less weight in their packs without giving up an ounce of comfort (see what I did there?).  If you've never heard of a backpacking quilt, this episode is dedicated to you.  And, if you're on the search for ways to lighten your load then again, this episode is for you.  

Skylar Ogren is the Head of Marketing for Enlightened Equipment and joins me on this episode to explain what exactly a "quilt" is and how it will benefit you in the backcountry.  In short, you're about to learn why you should begin challenging everything you've ever known about the traditional sleeping bag.  

I created By Land to help you have a better time backpacking.  This episode is the epitome of that very concept.  If you're looking for a tool to help lighten your load by and easy 2 pounds or more, you're going to want to give this one a listen.  

You're about to learn what a quilt is, how it works, who Enlightened Equipment is, how down "fill" ratings impact your comfort levels and overall pack weight, and much more!


By Land,

Emory Ronald


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  • Intro to EE
  • Defining a “quilt”
  • Quilts versus regular bags
  • Common concerns with going with a sleeping quilt
  • Sleeping in a quilt
  • How a quilt can reduce your overall pack weight 
  • Benefits of better sleep 
  • Why Thru Hikers have chosen quilts over traditional bags
  • AT Speed Record set this year by a user of Enlightened Equipment
  • Impacts of having more weight than what you need in your pack
  • The differences in down the quality of down
  • How down fill weight works
  • Enlightened Equipment origin story and timeline
  • Ordering process, options, and custom built quilts
  • Times when quilts don’t make “sense” 
  • How to choose a quilt for you application
  • Skylar’s advice for choosing gear
  • Enlightened Equipment product offerings
  • How to reach EE