Episode 17 Triple Crown of 200's with Mike McKnight

If I told you there were people who ran 200 mile races you'd probably think that was pretty cool.  What if I told you there are people who run 3 races that total over 600 miles in under 3 months time?  Crazy right?  

Mike McKnight is a runner.  He's the is the first winner of the Triple Crown of Ultra 200 Mile races and knows a thing or two about enduring.  Mike has the lowest combined time of the Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, and the Moab 240.  He loves the sport and is incredibly humble about his accomplishment.  

I asked Mike to come on the podcast to talk about what he does and how he does it.  Even though this isn't backpacking, the idea of pushing yourself is the same.  I think you're going to love hearing Mike's story and how it came to be.  Like most things, Mike didn't set out to run three races in three months, but that's what happened and because he stuck it out, he has a pretty cool story to tell.

Mike McKnight is a straight up inspiration to me.  He spoke with me about his ability to push through when he wanted to quit, his love for his family, and his admiration for fellow runners.  I don't care if you never run a single mile in your life, you're going to love hearing Mike tell this story.


By Land,

Emory Ronald


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  • Intro to Mike McKnight
  • The history of the Triple Crown and how it works
  • How Mike started down the path of ultra running
  • The ups and downs of each trail
  • How the desire to quit played a role in Mike’s success in the Triple Crown
  • Digesting the experience of Mikes accomplishment and what the trail means
  • Altra Footwear - benefits and design
  • Mikes advice to getting into long distance running and how to work up to ultra distances


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