Episode 010 Introduction to Optics with Brendon Weaver from Maven Built Optics

I know nothing about the optics game.  Only recently have I actually seen the benefits in them and now I'm hooked.  Having been that guy who's spent hours and hours researching that perfect set of binoculars or spotting scope, I've always felt like I was never fully understanding of how the industry works and where my money is going.

Brendon Weaver is a Co-Founder of Maven (www.mavenbuilt.com), a consumer direct optics manufacturer, and was willing to allow me the opportunity to ask him the dumb questions.  

On this episode, Brendon walks me through what the numbers actually mean, what you're getting when you step up in price and why, and how best to select an optic when you're ready to do so.

Brendon and I avoid going into the weeds on coatings and the science behind creating a good piece of glass and instead, focuses in on what actually matters to a consumer when they pull out their wallet and see the results in the field.  Brendon explains these concepts carefully and in a way that anyone can understand.

Whether you're hunting, birding, or just looking to find some extra wildlife when you're out and about and curious about how to best select a set of binoculars or a spotting scope, this episode is for you.  I asked the dumb questions so you don't have to, so enjoy it!

As always, if you have a topic you'd like covered or your struggling to remedy a problem you're having when you hit the field, email me anytime and I'd be happy to record an episode for you on that subject.

Enjoy this episode with Brendon from Maven!

By Land,

Emory Ronald

Show Notes


  • Intro to Brendon Weaver and Maven Built Optics
  • Basic optics overview
  • How to choose an optic and where to start? 
  • What’s important, what’s not?
  • What does more money get you?
  • How performance in low light conditions achieved in an optic
  • How Maven glass works - focusing on “true color” in the image
  • What the numbers mean and how they relate to performance
  • Defining what’s important to the individual user
  • What magnification has better performance - exit pupil
  • Binoculars versus spotting scopes - decision making points
  • Eye fatigue in spotting scopes versus binoculars
  • Recommendations on if you had to carry just one optic
  • Choosing the right tool for the job - depends on how you intend to use your optic of choice
  • What happens when you bump up in size and price on a spotting scope - what are you getting in return for your investment?
  • Heat waves in optics - a real issue?
  • Light transmission explained - Brendon’s great analogy
  • Optic performance in relation to price jumps
  • Maven’s operational model of “consumer direct”
  • Matching your budget with your needs
  • Additional needs for high power optics = increase in weight
  • How Maven address the “hands on” experience for customers
  • The origin of “Maven”
  • Maven “demo” program
  • Why Brendon enjoys the outdoors and why he returns time and again
  • Brendon’s glassing advice 
  • Products offered by Maven
  • How to find Maven products
  • Upcoming products for 2018


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