Episode 012 Getting to Know SIXSITE Gear


Welcome to the very first company profile episode!  This will be the first of many, and I couldn't be more excited to have my first one be with the founder of SIXSITE Gear, Stephen Holley.

Stephen Holley from SIXSITE Gear joins me to talk about the company he founded and what makes his offerings different than others in the same space.  I've known of SIXSITE for a while now and like most, had questions about why I might choose to purchase from them versus through someone else.  

By the end of this episode, I had all my questions answered and more.  Stephen is a great guy with a passion to make great products, but it doesn't stop there.  He stands behind his offerings with an incredible warranty.  

We cover the "why" behind SIXSITE, products offered, how Stephen chose to go down the route of being consumer direct, and the meaning behind marketing his brand as "Navy SEAL designed."  

You're going to love getting to know Stephen Holley and SIXSITE!


By Land,

Emory Ronald


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Show Notes

  • Intro to SIXSITE Gear
  • How and why SIXSITE Gear was founded
  • Why go consumer direct
  • Special Ops to hunting transition
  • What the  “former Navy SEAL” label means to Stephen and the community he comes from  
  • SIXSITE Gear product offering overview
  • Hunting pack design
  • SIXSITE apparel “style and fit” 
  • SIXSITE Warranty, shipping, and return policy


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