Episode 004: Scott Haugen - Blacktailed Deer Hunting, Patience, and the Power of Information Based Hunting


If you're a Blacktailed Deer Hunter, this podcast is for you!!!

On this episode of The By Land Podcast, I speak with Scott Haugen about Blacktailed Deer Hunting, patience, and the power of what I'm now referring to as "Information Based Hunting."  Scott is the real deal when it comes to living a life in the outdoors.  He's a well known writer, hunter, fisherman, and even has a hunting show on Netflix called "The Hunt."   Scott's wife, Tiffany, just so happens to be a well-known wild game and fish cookbook author as well so it's fair to say Scott's life revolves around the hunting and fishing in a big way.  He's also an amazing individual who sincerely cares about educating others about the outdoors.  

I asked Scott to come on the podcast to talk with me about how patience has played a roll in his success with Blacktails and hunting in general.  We covered this and so much more.  He basically gave me a ton of great information on how to successfully take mature Blacktails year after year along with some great insight into how he personally makes it happen.  It's by no coincidence that Scott is so successful.  He puts in the time not just when the season roles around, but throughout the year spending time in the field getting to know the animals he hunts.  

When I say this is a must listen, I mean it!  It's the middle of the hunting season here in Washington State so if you're in the same boat I am, just open your ears and enjoy!

Here's a list of what we covered;

  • Scott's background - writer, hunter, fisherman, guide, teacher, and outdoor educator
  • Patience in hunting 
  • Successful Blacktailed Deer hunting strategies (where are they and why are they there)
  • How to know when to move locations
  • Hunting the Blacktail Rut
  • Blacktails in the extreme cold
  • One on one coaching with my deer area in Washington
  • Scott's involvement with Television shows
  • "The Hunt" on Netflix
  • How Scott is reaching more people through Netflix
  • Scott's new website plans
  • Products soon to market developed by Scott for deer hunting
  • Why Scott does what he does for others

 This episode is must listen if you want to know more about Blacktailed Deer hunting!  Special thanks to Scott for the time spent with me for this episode.  I enjoyed the discussion and I hope you do too!



"The Hunt" on Netflix


By Land,

Emory Ronald

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